Bryan & Julien

Bryan and Julian cosy up to one another in their tiny room. Their long, lean bodies stretch out over the bedspread, as if to lure each other closer. Bryan’s smooth body is irresistible, tempting Julian to move in for a feel. Bryan returns the sentiment, placing his hand on Julien’s growing bulge. Julien pulls Bryan’s cock out from his tiny underwear, freeing the massive erection from its tiny entrapment to take it deep in his throat. Bryan’s massive cock is almost more than Julian can handle, but he's determined to keep it in his mouth as much as possible. The sexy top watches with delight as Julien takes it all, worshipping his member and bringing him closer and closer to the edge. He holds out as long as he can, but his pleasure builds, bringing him to need to fuck his dutiful cocksucker, filling his ass with his hard cock. He makes Julian moan with each hard thrust, pounding at his prostate as he milks out a hot, thick load!